Third Party Authentication Guide


The Playtem platform is a quick and easy way to monetize your audience by rewarding your players with coupons. When a player achieves a predefined moment in his game (eg: end of a mission, level up, high score…), a window appears and one of our partner brands rewards him with a coupon.

Getting started

This document walks through the main integration steps. The following diagram illustrates how the platform works:


Step 1 - Authenticate the player

In order to authenticate players, you need to develop an endpoint page. The Playtem platform is going to send the information’s details to this endpoint whenever players want to purchase an item of your game for the first time. All transaction details are appended to the HTTP GET parameters sent to your endpoint such as this example:

Parameters Description
gameId Specifies your game Id on Playtem.

This parameter contains all transaction details. It is AES encrypted and base64 encoded.

For more information about the encryption of this field see the Security section

Example Values: ARNCV9oH+GB4KoeDGDmduhBWZfeT94jCnL …

If the user is not authenticated yet, display a login page. After the player has logged in, you can retrieve his id.

Step 2 - Perform the callback

Playtem provides a web service to retrieve the player id:

Parameters Description

Specifies the game Id, supplied in the request

Example Value: 10


The id of your user

Example Value: 50abcd


A secure token, supplied in the request

Example Value: epfplafptp7u1rfeg04gfg23toe42